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Computer Laptop Repair Service

As we have become more reliant on our tech in our day to day lives, we have become more and more dependent on our computers and devices to keep connected to the digital world, socialy and professionally. We have become reliant on our tech as a primary source of information, communication and social interaction on a daily basis, with more and more of us being dectated by the technological and connected digital world we live in. Therefore it is very improtant our computers, laptops, notebooks and mobile devices are working at all times and to hand at a moments notice in our hectic lives. The once humble computer has become essential to running our daily events, from on-line activities, to our professional dependency on communicating online or digital working, we need our technical devices to be working at all times and if it should malfunction at any point or stop working, we need it repaired or fixed at a moments notice.

Therefore if the unexpected should happen and your computer, laptop or device starts becoming unreliable or has developed a fault, you will need your IT eqipement required as soon as possible. If this is the case do not despair, contact Home IT Service to see if we can help get you IT equipment back up and running.

Computer laptop repair services we offer:

  • Apple Mac Boot-up Errors Repaired (where possible)
  • Apple Mac Running Slow Repaired
  • Blue Screen Errors Repaired (where possible)
  • Browsers Cleaned or Reset
  • CPU Over Heating (Central Processing Unit)
  • Create a system backup (where possible)
  • Graphics Card Replacement (desktop towers only)
  • Hard-drive Repair or Replacement
  • Heat-sink Replacement
  • Internal Fans Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • LCD/LED Screen Replacement
  • Malware Removed
  • Operating System Repaired or Reinstalled
  • Operating System Upgraded
  • Personal Data Backup (where possible)
  • Registry Repaired
  • Security Software Update
  • Sound Card Replacement (desktop towers only)
  • Thermal Paste Applied to CPU/GPU
  • Virus Removal

Call Home IT Service for our free, impartial, friendly advice on your data recovery problem.

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