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Computer Desktop and Laptop Full Service

As we have become more reliant on our tech, we have become more dependent on our computers and devices to keep us connected to the digital world. Our tech has become our primary source of information, communication and interaction socially and professionally with the digital world. With more and more of us living and working more technologically than we every have, we rely on out tech as and when we need it. Therefore our computers, laptops and mobile devices have become essential to running our daily lives from on-line activities to our professional dependency via on-line communication and digital working, we need our computers and devices to be working at all times.

Though if the unexpected should occur and your computer, laptop or device start become unreliable or has become extremely slow, your equipment may require maintenance or a health check. If this is the case do not despair, contact Home IT Service to see if we can help get you IT equipment back to good working order.

Computer laptop services we offer:

  • Apple Mac Boot-up Errors Repaired (where possible)
  • Apple Mac Running Slow Repaired
  • Blue Screen Errors Repaired (where possible)
  • Browsers Cleaned or Reset
  • Cookie Removal
  • Create a system backup (where possible)
  • Hard-drive Scan
  • Heat-sink Cleaned
  • Internal Fans Cleaned
  • Malware Scan
  • Optimise Computer System
  • Operating System Update
  • Personal Data Backup (where possible)
  • Registry Defrag and Cleaned
  • Security Software Update
  • Thermal Paste Applied to CPU/GPU
  • Virus Scan

Call Home IT Service for our free, impartial, friendly advice on your data recovery problem.

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