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Spyware Removal Service

Malware has become a major problem in our digitally connected world, from unsolicited infection to unscrupulous organizations send Malware to track our every move, it is seems as though we can not avoided it. Malware can infect our computers and devices in several different ways, though the from seems to be direct communications, downloads or email. The definition of Malware is "malicious software", which is a computer software program designed to infiltrate or compromise your computer system to track or damage a computer without the users consent. Malware is a general term covering most different type of threats to your computer safety and security such as Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Rootkit and many more. also This is also applicable to mobiles devices i.e. smartphones and tables, which have the same fundamental architecture therefore can be infected without you knowing. The story of Malware started at the advent of personal computing the mid 1980's, when the first viruses were created as pranks in order to annoy rather than destroy. With the advent of the Internet, the virus creators and programmers want to see how far a virus could spread over the Web and major networks. These early developers were still testing the boundaries of their capabilities of their programing abilities and in some cases did not understand the ramifications of their actions or the consequences. As the Web matured and developed so did the virus writers and hackers. Becoming more professional in the development of the viruses and putting their talents to the more darker side of virus development and criminal use of their viruses. As we have become more reliant on the information technology, our computers, the Internet and our mobiles devices, it has become easier for the software developers to infect our systems, with the advent of ecommerce via on-line shopping and digital payment systems to on-line banking and social media we have become more susceptible to economic exploitation from corporation and ordinary computer users. Social media has opened up a new way to connect on-line to each other and the rest of the world, though has also given access to our personal information to unscrupulous individuals who can use it to the detriment of our personal lives. With our on-line information so readily available to anyone in our social network, it can be accessed by unscrupulous entities to send unsolicited emails and attachment with Malware infections onto out computer and mobile devices.

Therefore if the unexpected should happen and your computer, laptop or device starts becoming unreliable or has developed a fault, you will need your IT equipment functioning correctly as soon as possible. If this is the case do not despair, contact Home IT Service to see if we can help get you IT equipment back up and running.

If your IT equipment, computer, laptop or mobile device has any of the following symptoms listed below, this maybe the first indication that your IT equipment may have some form of infection, and your computer or mobile device may require attention i.e. full system security sweep to clean to remedy the infection:

  • It takes a long times for the applications to open
  • It takes a little while before keyboard to react
  • It takes a while before what you type appears on screen
  • New toolbars and search tools star to appear on your screen and browser
  • Storage space starts to disappear
  • Software starts to appear, which you have not installed
  • The applications are very sluggish
  • There are a lot of pop-ups when you use your browser
  • Unusually high network activity
  • Unusually messages and the amount of messages increases without warning
  • You have to click several times before anything happens
  • You start receiving unsolicited emails
  • Your computer is booting very slowly
  • Your browser takes a long time to open up
  • Your spam or junk folder has a lot of email in it
  • Your search box starts typing symbols
  • Your computer starts to freeze or crash
  • Your hard drive or SSD is constantly active
  • Your browser homepage changes without your authorisation
  • Your searches are redirected to unknown search engines
  • Your security software and firewall have been disabled

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