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Computer Desktop and Laptop Upgrade Service

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and our hardware seems to be doing exactly the same. With cloud computing and the new innovation in hard drives such as SSD (solid state drives) and the latest DDR (double data rate) memory technology, we still need more speed, storage space or computing power. The Internet and cloud computing has changed the way we use our computers and store our data. The latest computers and laptop notebooks come with SSH drives, which have no moving parts and work similarly to your USB flash drive i.e. all data is transfered like RAM rather than being written on to a metal hard disk. This means your storage system should more reliable and less prone to failure. In the case of RAM (random access memory) or memory, it has developed rapidly over the last 10 years due to the speed of the memory doubling every 5 years. This is largely due to the gaming industry and cloud based computing. In most house holds or businesses living and working more technically, and the development of the connected world, home life and work life have converged. With the advent of high speed broad band and superior computing technology, sometimes our equipment is near obsolete within a year. Though in some cases you can upgrade your device with more memory or SSD to give you the speed and reliability you may require.

Computer laptop upgrade services we offer:

  • Apple Mac SSD Solid State Drive Upgrade (where possible)
  • Apple Mac RAM Memory Upgrade
  • CPU Fan and Heat Sink Upgrade (mainly for tower desktop PCs to add more cooling to the CPU)
  • Hard Disk Drive Upgrade (add more storage space)
  • Internal Fan Upgrade (mainly for tower desktop PCs to add more cooling)
  • Memory Upgrade (where possible)
  • Mother Board and CPU upgrade (mainly for tower desktop PCs)
  • Operating System Update (this will depend on you current specifications)
  • Power Supply Upgrade (mainly for tower desktop PCs)
  • RAM Memory Upgrade

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