Computer and Online Security

Computer and on-line security has become one of the most important considerations when using your computer on-line or being connected a network. As we have become more connected digitally in most aspect of our daily lives, we tend to push security to the back of our minds. With the advent of social media, ecommerce and more importantly on-line banking, cyber crime has become the most fastest growing sectors for criminals and opportunist to take advantage of us online. With little or no knowledge, those wanting to compromise your computer, network or online identity can do so with little obstruction. Therefore when setting up a computer or a network, an online device or social media persona, security should be at the forefront of your thoughts and one of the most important factors you should consider when setting up you IT systems or social media persona. The advent of on-line banking and ecommerce, personal information security should be taken into consideration to prevent cyber vulnerabilities to occur, in our 24 hour connected world we are giving away access to our on-line data and inviting people into personal space via our internet connections through our home networks and wifi hubs. Therefore it is always wise to think of protecting your system against attack or vulnerabilities.

If you should happen to be compromised or find that your system is not working as it should, you could be infected and any or all you data could monitored externally. Whether you are a residential or commercial user Home IT service has a solution for you, therefore if you have been compromised or you equipment has been infected you will need a quick and effective solution. Home IT Service Didsbury offers professional cost effective security diagnoses service. We cater for the home domestic users to commercial business clients in and around Didsbury South Manchester and surrounding areas. We offer friendly no nonsense IT support and advice to all our customers at competitive rates. Home IT Service pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer care, with friendly professional security support.

Computer Security Services:

  • Computer Clean
  • Complete System Check
  • Complete System Scan
  • Malware Removal
  • Operating System Update
  • Ransomeware Removal
  • Rigistry Scanned and Defragged
  • Spyware Scan
  • System Back (External Drive or Cloud)
  • System Diagnoses
  • Virus Removal

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